Climate Guardian Badge

For anyone seeking to verify the authenticity of the badge, we have implemented a verification process through email. Should there be any need for confirmation, we are prepared to certify the issuance of your badge based on the email address used during the quiz at the summit.

Winners who complete the QUIZ will be entered in a raffle to win the prizes below:

1. Pizza on the House

2. $50 Amazon Gift Card

3. LinkedIn Promotion & Branding – Act of Service with Driss Mezghouti

1-hour boost to your LinkedIn presence :

  • You will get :
  • As a bonus: a detailed LinkedIn profile optimization report.
  • One-hour engagement with your LinkedIn content

4. 90 Minute Consultation with Cristina Imre – Founder of TLL

Winner to Choose 1

  • [90 min] Executive Power Session – to solve an urging issue with guidance. Finding the best strategy and decision for your situation.
  • [90 min] Strategic Vision Coaching – how to transform your current vision into reality.

Quiz Completion, Winner Announcement, and Engagement Rewards

To ensure everyone has ample opportunity to complete the quiz and enter our raffle, we’ve decided to announce the winners on April 10th during our special Wednesday LIVE event.

Moreover, we highly value active participation throughout the summit. Attendees who contribute the most insightful questions and comments will not only receive a special shoutout but may also be considered for an additional prize, acknowledging their meaningful contribution to our discussions.

Stay engaged, share your thoughts, and let’s make this summit an interactive and rewarding experience for all!