Future Events

Special Edition this week with our YouTube winner, Jen-Benoit Fournier.

#Circular Economy is a powerful concept and paradigm to help us rethink how we produce, consume, and dispose of various goods.

In a perfect circular economy, waste of inputs, outputs, and energy is minimal, thanks to strong integration and coordination of value chains.

In practice, however, circular economy principles require breaking up with business as usual, which often requires time, resources, and a good deal of convincing others.

#Artificial Intelligence holds a lot of promise for innovative economic actors willing to ditch business as usual and weave in circular economy principles in their operations.

Tune in to better understand how we can get closer to a sustainable future with AI for a Circular Economy.

This discussion between sustainability expert JB Fournier and tech entrepreneur Francis Dion will seek to demonstrate โ€“ in real-time – how any willing entrepreneur can identify and put in motion clever solutions to help them make their business more โ€œcircularโ€, and thus help build from the ground up a more #sustainable economy.