October 9-11, 2024

The Global Story’s Story

For each day of “The Global Story” summit, we have curated a lineup of distinguished speakers whose expertise and insights are perfectly aligned with our themes. These high-profile figures are key to illustrating the immense potential of our collective narrative for the future of humankind.

Although their identities remain under wraps for now, represented by unique avatars, their contributions to their fields are monumental. Stay tuned as we reveal the visionaries who will help shape our discussions and guide our journey towards a sustainable global future.





Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations
Biomimicry Innovation Lab

The Amazing Team Behind TLL

Driss Mezghouti

Marketing & PR Manager

Dr. Cristina Imre

Chief Visionary & Lead Doer

Daniel Melendez

Chief Transformational Officer

Laura Combs

Climate Resilience and Energy Equity Leader

Shannon Ferguson

Change & Communication Strategist

Samuel Chijioke Okorie

Liaison Officer

Ren Huffman

Sustainability & STEM Leader

Ed Morrison

Strategic Doing Discipline

Advocate Divya Dwivedi

Tech Law and Ethics

Yangbo Du

Profitable Net Zero

Prof. Susan Krumdieck

Energy Transition Engineering

Katrina Montinola

Software & AI Development

Richard James MacCowan

Biomimicry and Biofuturism

Lisa Atkinson

Storytelling using Foresight & Futurism

Dr. Brian Alman

Mental Health & Well-Being Research

Louis Rosenberg

Collective Superintelligence & AR/VR

Angela Nesbitt

Transformational Leadership

Joost Visser

Collaborative Capabilities Complex Challenges

Danielle Lin, C.N.

Media Production & Outreach

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