Revolutionise Your SDG[13] -Climate Change Impact


Join us as an Impactful Tech expert speaker, innovative startup, or NGO for unprecedented climate action

We’re seeking innovative solutions, specifically for our March summit 2024 and our future events dedicated for addressing the SDG13 climate change.

Facilitate the Transition to Green Energy

Do you have a technology or service that can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure or accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources? Whether it’s through innovative storage solutions, smart grid technologies, or renewable energy generation, we want to hear from you.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Are you developing technologies that offer significant reductions in carbon emissions across various sectors, including transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy? This includes carbon capture and storage technologies, efficiency improvements, and alternative fuels.

Enhance Weather Prediction and Climate Modeling

Are you leveraging AI, big data, and other advanced technologies to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting and climate models? Your work is crucial for better preparation and adaptation strategies in the face of increasing climate volatility.

Drive Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Do you have solutions that help communities, ecosystems, and economies adapt to the adverse effects of climate change? This can range from climate-resilient agriculture technologies to infrastructure adaptations and ecosystem restoration initiatives.

Impactful Tech Startup/Innovator/NGO/Speaker Nomination Application Form

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