Divya Dwivedi

Tech Law Geek | Director – JND Charitable Trust | Co-Founder – D.A.R.E. Pvt. Ltd. | Neuro Rights | Cyber Psychology

Yangbo Du

Entrepreneur | Social Business Architect | Connector | Convener | Facilitator – Innovation | Global Development | Sustainability

Dr. Cristina Imre

Founder of Tech Leadership Lab | Uniting Visionaries for Earth’s Future | The Holistic Executive Coach & Strategist

Susan (Ryter) Krumdieck

Professor, Author and Leader in Energy Transition Engineering, MNZM, MGATE, FRSA

Ahmed Larouz

Entrepreneur | Impact Investor |Startup Ecosystem builder |Lecturer Business Studies | Speaker | Climate Innovation Advocate & Serial Founder of things.

Maurice White

Leader in the development of free-piston Stirling (FPS) machines

Bonnie Canal, MBCP

Founder and Managing Partner of The Resiliency Institute, LLC (TRI)

Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy

Resilience & precovery – deeply passionate about investments, impact and storytelling for the ocean, coastlines, islands and cities

David A. Dodd CEcD/FM/HLM

Global leader at the intersection of Economic Development and Resilience/Climate Adaptation.

Dr. Laura Olson

Assistant Professor, Emergency Management | Jacksonville State University

Jyoti Bisbey

Leading on Climate Finance | Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) | Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) | Infrastructure Finance | Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Alessandra Jerolleman PhD, JD, MPA, CFM

Director of Research | Center for Environment | Land and Law at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law

Keith Kuperman

Innovative Community Resilience Leader

Calandra Cruickshank

Founder & CEO, StateBook International

Mike MacKay

World leading Aerosol recycling Expert. DESPRAY Environmental

Mark Minevich

Global Technology Executive & AI Strategist | Chair Executive Advisor & Partner | ex-IBM ex-BCG | Fortune 500 & governments | Boards Foundations | UN | Investor | Best Selling Author | Forbes Columnist | Top 20 in AI

Katrina Montinola

Board Member and Technology Advisor | Fractional and Interim VPE | Artificial Intelligence and Developer Hiring Strategies | Silicon Valley Remote Teams Pioneer | Advising for Inclusive Tech

Carlos Restrepo MS, CA

Focused on customer satisfaction and community development

Maura Declercq-Mîndrilà

SSI LinkedIn Industry & Network #techentrepreneur #futurist #empoweringwomeninSTEM #connectingpeople #creatingimpact – Founder at Idlegcy

Tim Lockie

CEO – The Human Stack Thought Learner | Digital Transformation Trainer | Nonprofit Technology Expert & Advisor| Keynote Speaker | Tech Consulting @CEO of The Human Stack

Dr. Robin Rice

Founder of Woman Optimized-a new ecosystem transforming the future for women & society | Psychologist researcher blending Science & Spirituality & Positive tech & Ethics/ ExO CIC Mentor / Moonshot consultant / Future Pull

Dr. Brian Alman

ACE Treatment Solution | Founder and Clinical Director

Leon Gerard Vandenberg

Director – Stichting Sunified Foundation

Mutembei Kariuki

Co-Founder and CEO

Christopher Jay Faranetta

Vice President & Co-Founder

Richard James MacCowan

Founder + Biofuturist – Biomimicry Innovation Lab | Advisor | Global Keynote Speaker

Lisa Atkinson

Director, Founder

Alisson Lee

Advisor on Impact | CSR and ESG

Norma November

Founder Venture Starters

Maya Sherman

AI Policy Researcher & Ethicist | AI Literacy Lead @ GPAI | University of Oxford, MSc | Tech Development @ AIF | Weidenfeld Hoffmann Scholar | Scientific Council @ IAEAI | Advisory Board @Fidutam | MTE Climate Ambassador

Mark November

Founder @ Venture Starters | Moonshot Investor | Family Office | Board Member

Jack Laken

Innovator/Inventor Accelerating ROI of Net Zero Energy Sharing Buildings | Energy Storage | Climate Smart Zero Carbon Buildings | Green Construction Edge