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The Human Odyssey: A Journey through the Ages

Once upon a time, darkness veiled both the world and the human mind. In those ancient epochs, conflicts lurked in the shadows of existence, shrouded in the obscurity of our ancestors’ understanding. The depths of these conflicts were so profound, so deeply ingrained, that they demanded an evolution of comprehension, a spark of enlightenment amidst the darkness within and without.

The sparks of conflict getting us to a higher level

Don’t get dizzy because of the above. The evolution we’ve undergone from those ancient shadows is inspiring. With the guiding light of evolutionary psychology, I’ll help you unravel the past, navigating the twists and turns of our journey to comprehend where we now stand when it comes to conflicts.

We can do better

When we balance our progress and bad remains is good to consider all sides. In the big scheme of things, we could say that there is a lot of irrational craziness, disparity, and biases in the world. Yes, change is difficult but talk is cheap and we are talking for too long about inclusion and equal opportunity but action is falling behind those political words.

During our last LinkedIn LIVE, Cressida Stephenson pointed out a lot of worrisome stats about inequality and gender gaps. She highlights the unfairness that needs addressing. She is a fighter. I promised I’d share those stats that were discussed once I got them, and she did.

LinkedIn Economic Graph report: Skills-First: Reimagining the Labor Market and Breaking Down Barriers

🍪 Tip 1: Vegan isn’t necessarily good! Sugar is vegan, Oreos are vegan, Coca-Cola is vegan… Vegan is not a sign that something is good for you.

Community Updates, Backstage & Today’s LIVE Event!

Today it’s between you and me discussing conflicts. It’s really interesting how things align. Such a sensitive topic brought its challenges to me. At first, I had two speakers in mind. One ghosted me, and the other excused himself for other engagements. You know that everything happens with short notice, and we are building on a weekly basis. For now. 🙂

I have some help at this point, but it’s inconsistent, and until the core team of an MVP for Tech Leadership Lab is formed, I have a certain capacity to take an extra load of work, research, and all. 

Not to mention that my inbounds for everything under the Sun tripled, and I need two assistants, not one, till my MiniMe or CristinaBot is ready.

OK, so a bit disappointed that serendipity doesn’t work with conflicts. After my two guest speakers’ fiasco, I wanted an MC to join me and make this event not about me as the main speaker. I didn’t feel like searching for other options. The MC was booked, with proof and all, and I said OK, no more search.

You will be the best speakers I ever had. Now, that’s not true. Every speaker we had and will have brought immense value to us from their knowledge base. 

And so, launched the event as described. Your interest in the event exceeds my optimism and I am humbled by your support. I’ll make sure you’ll get the best secrets for joining and you’ll also be part of the guest speakers, just need to raise your hands today. I already have at least 9 people who want to contribute. Aren’t you awesome? 

Here it comes. Click the image and press attend, then invite and share the event to break a new record of attendees.

Tech Leadership Lab 4th edition: Decoding Conflict
Decoding Conflict – Tech Leadership Lab LinkedIn Audio Event- Shaping the Future

Could we go close to 300 by the end of the LIVE? Let’s see. Why? Because during the LIVE the attendee’s number can triple, at least this is what I noticed till now.

People join, crash, leave, get back, invite others, jump out, crash, get back, and at the end, many attend different lengths according to their agenda. I advise you to come in time and attend the entire event because it will be super precious for your success ratio, including mental health.

Hop on The Guest Wagoon and Change the World with Your Voice

I also ran a poll and it’s still active for those who want to get on the stage with me and be an active voice in our movement. You can still vote here and I’ll reach out to you individually if fit.

It’s not the only place I reached out to people and many visionary, well-intended, missionary-based people are getting my way. I just need some time to talk with them and align. My OpenExO fellows are also very supportive of taking part.  

🥞 Hack 1: Skip breakfast if you can and introduce intermittent fasting incrementally. 12-14 hours in = ketones begin to rise and that’s a good thing. 17 hours in and you’re getting some healthy and needed autophagy.

Unicorn Pitch & Networking Event Later Today

You might know that I’m also part of this wonderful community called where founders and investors meet. A community evolving and has as founders two awesome people, husband and wife, Norma November Mark November .

Due to his expertise and life stories about startups and investing, Mark was a very popular guest speaker amongst you.

On Wednesdays at 4 PM PDT and 7 PM EDT, we meet and listen to founder pitches. There are different themes and focuses each week. Seven potential Unicorn founders will pitch today in a PREMIERE after a selection process. It will be very interesting.

Register here, and attend for free. Check all upcoming events too.

Do You Have A Unicorn?
Venture Starters – Unicorn Pitches

Tech News

Let’s switch the framework this time, but then again, why wouldn’t we? Each week, I test out different approaches. What makes this Wednesday any different?

Let’s continue with some conflicting news.

Every day, the sun rises, bringing us mesmerizing updates about new companies, innovations, and investments. I meet founders in the AI space daily, and the things I hear would have raised eyebrows not too long ago.

Additionally, I need to sift through a lengthy list of daily innovations, startups appearing, and funding updates. These are exponential times, amplified, on steroids – I’m telling you. It’s both exciting and, yes, a bit scary.

When it comes to conflicts, we can view it from two sides. A new tech startup called Afterparty AI just secured $5M to build a platform where you can interact with AI versions of your favorite influencers (actors, athletes, you name it).

On the flip side, imagine Tom Hanks discovering this, after having been impersonated into an AI character selling dental plans.

Since ChatGPT’s launch and the advent of generative AI, it has become clear to me that there is no end to this; everything will shift drastically, even by the end of this year.

That’s how fast things are moving. All mega-companies are now either incorporating or working on their generative versions, with the latest one joining the party being YouTube Studio. They plan to use generative AI to provide personalized video ideas and outlines.

I’m not sure why they chose to be less creative with a name like Claude, as opposed to Amazon’s newly acquired Anthropic.

But I really love their promise, and that Panda drinking coffee is definitely a GO for a coffee lover like me.

I also adore Koalas, so that’s something I’ll create next. 😊

The line between fake and real will blur, and inside the metaverse, we’ll have it all. If you saw the podcast between Lex Fridman and Mark Zuckerberg, the delight of Lex was evident. It was like watching a kid in a candy store.

Zuckerberg and Fridman show off insane leaps in face-to-face VR chat

This speaks volumes because if he was so mesmerized by the first attempt at sharing the same room with someone and feeling like we were really together, then imagine the possibilities.

Not to mention these two are not strangers. They even share a common love for Jiu Jitsu. Here is a scene we wanted to see between Mark and Elon. But wait, now with the clones, watch out.

Mark Zuckerberg vs Lex Fridman in Jiu Jitsu
Mark Zuckerberg vs Lex Fridman in Jiu Jitsu

Now, my friends from the web3 space and the 100 community will argue that fake won’t happen inside blockchain technology, and that’s a possibility indeed if you connect your device to one and only one identity. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Tips 2: Check ingredients. If you’ll find sugar or fructose between the first 3 ingredients that thing needs to be treated as dessert. This includes yogurts, too.

The Psychology of Conflict and Boundaries

Conflict, in its essence, is a clash of needs, expectations, or perspectives. It’s a natural part of being human. However, it’s crucial to set and maintain respectful boundaries during these conflicts. When we honor each other’s boundaries, even in the heat of an argument, we preserve respect and prevent harm.

Imagine two co-founders, Sarah and Alex, who disagree on a fundamental issue about their startup. ‘Fundamental’ sounds very bad already. Luckily, during their disagreement, they maintain respect for each other’s viewpoints, avoiding personal attacks and hurtful words.

This is the key and the hardest part.

One of my favorite principles learned from NLP is to detach identity from behavior. This is a lifesaver in all relationships and a self-esteem booster for kids during parenting.

Restrain anger

What I can highly suggest is to practice anger and constraints, while feeling very angry at someone and ready to throw personal attacks that can kill the relationship or add an extra hit and damage, breathe. If you can’t breathe, count to 10. If that’s too much, count to 5. If needed punch your palm, leave the room. Scream. And ultimately, just take a deep breath and release the air slowly. You can get there.

Once you master this stage comes…

The Role of Emotional Distance and Perspective

After a conflict, emotional distance can be essential. It provides time and space to gain perspective and assess the situation objectively. Often, a good night’s sleep or a day apart allows emotions to subside, paving the way for a more rational and empathetic understanding.

John and Stacy, coworkers, have a heated disagreement one evening staying late to finish a project. Both, super tired. They decide to sleep on it. The next day, with a clearer mind, they find a compromise that respects both their opinions, deepening their connection.

Reconciliation and Strengthened Relationships

Reconciliation after a conflict is an opportunity for growth. It involves acknowledging differing perspectives, finding common ground, and re-establishing trust and understanding. When conflicts are resolved respectfully, relationships are not only restored but often become stronger and more intimate.

A business partnership faces a significant disagreement over a strategic decision. After a night of reflection, both partners come together, recognizing the value in each other’s viewpoints. They combine their ideas, leading to a successful business venture and a stronger partnership.

Now the big question that might come to your smart mind is:

If conflict is good for deeper relationships should I ignite some by default?

Answer: you already do at an unconscious level. problem is when you lose control and attack the identity of the person.

Empirical Evidence and Insights

Research in psychology and sociology consistently demonstrates that conflicts, when managed constructively, can lead to strengthened relationships. Studies reveal that couples who engage in effective conflict resolution report higher relationship satisfaction and longevity.

study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that couples who took time to cool off after a conflict before discussing it reported feeling more satisfied and closer to their partners.


Conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing; they can be embraced as catalysts for personal and relational growth. By maintaining respectful boundaries, allowing emotional distance, and fostering reconciliation, we not only preserve relationships but elevate them to new levels of intimacy and understanding.

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ChatGPT Summary


In this edition, we explore the evolution of humanity through conflict, navigating the challenging realm of technology and its impacts on our lives. Discover the power of conflict to propel us forward and delve into the dynamics that shape our relationships.

Read the full articles, insights, and much more in this edition of “Decoding Conflict and Between”.

Hack & Tips Summary:

  1. Vegan isn’t necessarily good! Sugar is vegan, Oreos are vegan, Coca-Cola is vegan… Vegan is not a sign that something is good for you.
  2. Skip breakfast if you can and introduce intermittent fasting incrementally. 12-14 hours in = ketones begin to rise and that’s a good thing. 17 hours in and you’re getting some healthy and needed autophagy.
  3. Check ingredients. If you’ll find sugar or fructose between the first 3 ingredients that thing needs to be treated as dessert. This includes yogurts, too.

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