Metaverse Reality in 2023

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  1. The World Today
  2. MTP (MASSIVELY TRANSFORMATIVE PURPOSE): Tech for Good, Led by Good Hearts
  3. Community Updates & Today’s LIVE Event!
  4. Ken Cato: The Engineer of Life
  5. Navigating the Tech Landscape: Insights for Founders
  6. Metaverse
  7. New Tools for Creators and Brands
  8. Conclusion
  9. ChatGPT Summary+ the well-known Health and Well-being: Hacks and Tips spread here and there. 🙂

The world today

When I announced this week’s event on Monday, my heart weighed heavily. We are crafting history here, and I wish to preserve my words for posterity.

As a side note, everything I share online is a reflection of who I am, with both the good and the bad, evolving over time. I consider it an open journal that will endure beyond my time, allowing my daughter, family, and others who resonate with me to know and stay connected with the various stages of my life’s journey.

Monday post:

“I won’t hide the fact that creating my LinkedIn event this time around was tougher than usual, given the recent developments in Israel, after Ukraine, and other atrocities around the world.

It seems almost trivial to continue with our daily lives when we’re so intricately connected, and there’s an undeniable sense that we could be doing so much more for the world.

The only thing that makes me feel better about this post and everything around 𝑻𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒉 𝑳𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒑 𝑳𝒂𝒃 is its fundamental purpose: ‘𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙝 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙, 𝙡𝙚𝙙 𝙗𝙮 𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩.’ By uniting visionary and good-hearted tech leaders to solve earth’s biggest problems and build a better future for all, I believe we’re paving the way to eliminate similar issues that persist today.”


Hack 1: Fast – if you can – before important meetings or decision-making because your intellect works better and it’s sharper in a fasted state. If you can’t then make sure to avoid the glucose crash two hours after a meal with carbs. Avoid them to be sure you won’t get sleepy when you need the opposite.

Our world needs the right leaders at the top, to act as guides, lighthouses, and role models. Electing and allowing people based on subjective, irrational, or shady reasons to rule over millions and billions will always send the wrong message and allow atrocities to happen.

The same goes for companies. Once you have a lot of power, influence, and/or money, you have the means to play with lives, dictate roars, determine destinies, and destroy worlds.

In my pursuit to raise consciousness and understanding of us as a whole, I’m not here to name bad leaders or spread hate and judgment. My role is to pinpoint an obvious truth: for too long, humans have been fooled to be ruled by inadequate leaders. It’s one of those biases that allow ill-prepared, egoistically intentioned people to make decisions affecting many.

We need to work together to solve the challenges of hunger, primitive diseases, climate change, and destruction. Sure, this is the full list:

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We cannot leave our lives in the hands of the unworthy who don’t care about other humans or live under old rules that don’t respect life and prosperity for all in good balance with Mother Earth.

Those who don’t have a holistic view of life, where everything is interconnected in a magical way, shouldn’t occupy positions of power and influence.

We are surrounded by a Metaverse Reality we allowed to be created and persist, even though we now know that through a deep interconnectivity with fellow humans, who in essence and majority are good, we can create a better world.

I rest my case for now with Nelson Mandela’s quote where I would replace the word Africa or any other location with the word “us.”

Nelson Mandela Quote: “

Community Updates & Today’s LIVE Event!

Ken Cato

Last week, I told you why I kept the weekly event with no other speaker. Well, things changed, and through a serendipitous moment, meaning a call with Ken Cato just before the event, he became my co-host and technical support sort to speak.

Things can change, and a solid human construct needs to be flexible like a tree to resist the times and grow stronger.

For now, Ken officially joins Tech Leadership Lab and we’ll host the audio events together. A small step forward in the right direction. We already have some future initiatives in the pipeline I’ll reveal in the upcoming future.

Ken Cato – The Engineer of Life

Do you think he was lucky to get in by chance? Oh, I believe I was lucky to have to know him better. To quote Salim Al-Bitar سَليم البيطار M.Sc , he is our community Elon Musk. Now, for some, this is not a positive thing, for others it is.

The way I interpret the comparison after knowing him just a little bit better is that what he is working on and his background qualifies him as a visionary futurist who wants to prepare humankind to become a multi-planetary species but is well-equipped and skilled without a brutal awakening.

That is why the product he is working on is the most complex and mesmerizing I have seen when it comes to educating new humans, including us. The holistic way to approach life, needs, aspirations, and the future is closely linked to the way I see things translated a bit differently inside Tech Leadership Lab.

He brings a refreshing complementary technical wholeness to the equation while checking all those attributes: empathy, long-term thinking, purpose-driven, inclusion, and future generations. A fullhearted engineer working on very sensitive systems in the army, with a long-term vision of connecting dots that very few can. In fact, as he concluded through studies only 4%.

Hopefully, Ken will become a valuable partner in this mission to create the most amazing tech leadership community that will solve Earth’s biggest problems and build a better future for all. Not to mention his extra perk, having a super cool radio voice.

P.S. I called Ken a modern Confucious, but he deserves a standalone name without comparisons, so we’ll use his favorite: “The Engineer of Life

Metaverse Applications for Tech Businesses - Tech Leadership Lab [5]
Metaverse Applications for Tech Businesses – Tech Leadership Lab [5]

Now, let’s get to our guests who’ll enlighten us with their knowledge in this space of METAVERSE.

➔ Timothy Shreve is the best tour guide in the metaverse and has all the answers for you about accommodation and the first steps. I highly recommend him for any business that wants to get guidance and clarity about the options and needs a roadmap to build amazing worlds including tokens and other notions I’m still learning about. 🙂

I love to host and blend in events where I am an active learner like this one. Each event brings novelty and new ideas that I can implement for myself, my clients, and now, our community.

➔ Amie Lewis is actively building in the metaverse and has two interesting case studies to share. Furthermore, she is ready to share free resources where you can create your first metaverse directly from your phone. I’ll sure try that. You cannot miss this!

Thanks to my 100 community where I have the best experts in web3 and everything related, I got interested in options to navigate and explore new ways for my clients. It’s great to have a fresh perspective like most founders who don’t know the insights and ways to utilize the metaverse today.

Am I suggesting everyone build one? Absolutely not. But who should? We’ll learn together.

See you in a couple of hours at Metaverse Applications for Tech Businesses – Tech Leadership Lab [5].

P.S. Audio events don’t have a replay so come and join us live or you’ll lose the entire thing and the giveaway. We’ll have a focused Q&A session where you can also connect with other awesome people and highlight yourself. No sales vibes allowed. We are in this together for all. Egocentric, narcissistic salesy people won’t last in our community for long, that’s a guarantee.

Tip 1: Do you want to be mobile and active as an elderly individual? Do you envision playing with your grandkids, hiking, and embracing life after 60? Think two decades in advance.

Don’t settle for being merely average for your age; otherwise, you may face the fate of today’s average elderly. Aim to think and act 20 years younger. Consider that your current physical condition needs to be significantly better to ensure a fulfilling and active old age.

Things can change quickly

Today, with every disruption some industries and businesses are more affected than others. This happens in a normal life cycle. WeWork went from a $47 billion valuation to default on $95 Million in Payments.

“If I had a VC fund rather than a hedge fund I’d keep the exact same culture as I had at Bridgewater…In a nutshell, it involves having meaningful work and meaningful relationships through radical truthfulness and radical transparency.” Ray Dalio Interview

Hack 2: Use sunlight first thing in the morning to improve your mood and energy levels for the entire day.

Being Empathic with Fellow Tech Founders

I feel for many tech founders and their companies today. Let’s talk about some facts:

  • Valuations have hit hard, especially for companies that are building their journey with VC money. For example, a recent report found that the average valuation for early-stage startups has fallen by 30% in the past year. The State of US Early Stage Venture & Startups 2022
  • AI and generative AI are on the rise, with an unclear number of new AI companies being born on a daily basis. These companies promise incredible things, unimaginable just a year ago. For example, there are now AI companies that can generate realistic images, write creative content, and even translate languages. The tools are getting better, and some of these companies can transform your product into a dinosaur overnight.
  • The speed you need to iterate and bring your company to the next level is unbearable, and without AI, you’re part of the past. For example, companies that are developing new AI-powered products often need to release updates on a weekly or even daily basis in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Initial plans have been drastically shifted, and many companies without a long runway have faced sleepless nights. For example, many companies have had to lay off employees or pivot their business models in order to stay afloat.

Layoffs were there for all the big players too:

  1. Meta: In May 2023, Meta announced that it was laying off 6,000 employees. This was the first major layoff in the company’s history.
  2. Google: In April 2023, Google announced that it was laying off 12,000 employees. This was the largest layoff in the company’s history.
  3. Microsoft: In March 2023, Microsoft announced that it was laying off 10,000 employees. This was the second major layoff in the company’s history.
  4. Amazon: In February 2023, Amazon announced that it was laying off 18,000 employees. This was the largest layoff in the company’s history.
  5. Twitter: In February 2023, Twitter announced that it was laying off 200 employees. This was the third major layoff in the company’s history.

Some recent layoffs:

Epic Games cuts around 830 jobs, reducing its workforce by 16%, as part of a larger cost-cutting move.

Indian Edtech startup Byju’s plans to lay off as many as 5,000 employees over the next few weeks.

Foodpanda confirms layoffs, says it’s in talks to sell part of Asia food delivery business. The move comes as food delivery companies strive to increase profitability amid challenges including strong competition and a shortage of workers.

All of this takes a toll on your health, and mental health suffers tremendously. Founders are already at high risk for mental health issues and suicide ideations. Now, they face additional pressure.

First, things seem to settle.

Second, I want to tell you that you’re not alone. There is no other founder who has it all. In each period of their journey, founders are suffering in more than one life wheel. For example, a founder might be struggling to raise money, manage a team, and launch a new product all at the same time.

The Wheel of Life

Give yourself permission to be imperfect and see in each obstacle a way to grow.

Third, when stuck get out of your box, visit other boxes, and find ways to challenge the status quo and get better at something.

Big companies are moving slowly, you can move faster and now you have the tools too. It’s not just about having the best product or being the first in the market. Time and time again we have counterexamples that this doesn’t count as much as other factors.

You don’t need to be the first, but you do need to be the best for your tribe.


Maybe Metaverse is one of those tools you could use to create an immersive world around your product where your customers and clients are welcome to explore and get close to you. It’s one step before the AR/VR capacities will follow. You saw or read about Lex Fridman’s interview with Mark Zuckerberg in my previous edition about Conflicts.

Today we’ll explore in our audio event, just a couple of hours left, the Metaverse Applications for Tech Businesses.

What I can say is that I was part of Second Life and I’m still amazed at the quality of the avatars they managed to create long before anyone else. The skin game was always huge inside SL.

When the first avatars from META came out last year I thought that’s a joke.

Now I see that there is a different strategy where the VR/AR sets play a huge role and so we can disregard the slopiness of the above.

Second Life lacked focus and innovation with a premiere awesome product. That’s my conclusion for the reason they are not ahead today and mainstream. But new times are coming for companies. In a connected world immersive will get the stage because people will want to feel as connected as possible.

Platforms like Zoom offer some relief, as well as fatigue. New platforms that create metaverse offer more and more solutions but what I believe is that for the right companies, the sky is the limit to worlds that they can create expecting the other tools to keep up and come to join the party. We’ll end this decade in a mesmerizing way we cannot even conceive.

Some NEW cool tools for creators and brands (including tech brands)

Disclaimer! This is a super hard task for me to choose from because I receive tons of new tools on a daily basis, not to mention on a weekly. But hey, instead of procrastinating I roll the dice, and voila:

Coverposts: Turn Newsletters into social media posts in seconds. Enter your article URL, and Coverposts will output perfect fit social media content with images and illustrations Get ahead of your competitors and discover your competitive advantage. Insights about the competition in an instant.

Thumbmachine: For YouTubers, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of creating eye-catching new thumbnails. Thumbmachine makes that thumbnail generation easy with AI.


If you are a struggling tech founder, but with great attention to the world and valuable products or services to make available, you cannot give up. See in new technologies a possibility. Step over your frustration and sorrow, grief if needed, put a deadline, then stop that, and start a new process to conquer the world.

In the great scheme of things this moment in time is nothing and will pass. The future is bright if we unite to make it so.

Chat GPT Summary

  • In this edition of the Tech Leadership Lab newsletter, the focus is on Tech for Good, driven by good hearts and uniting visionary tech leaders to tackle the world’s most significant challenges.
  • The newsletter touches on important updates within the community, introduces a new core member, Ken Cato, and emphasizes the importance of holistic vision and preparation for the future.
  • Tips for staying active and adaptable as we age are shared, and insights are offered for tech founders navigating a rapidly changing landscape.
  • The potential of the Metaverse for businesses is explored, along with tools and resources to aid creators and brands.
  • The conclusion encourages struggling tech founders to persevere, highlighting the transient nature of challenges and the bright future achievable through unity and determination.

For a comprehensive exploration of these themes and more, continue on this enriching journey with Tech Leadership Lab. And remember, to stay updated and never miss an event, don’t forget to sign up.

P.S. Contribution Matters and Your Active Role

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Here at the Tech Leadership Lab, we have the power to magnify impact together. Never doubt that. Today marks the beginning, but it’s just the start of an incredible journey. Join, inspire, get inspired, share the journey, and tomorrow you’ll be on a different level. Each contribution counts and it’s seen.

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